Titrated dry extract

Titrated dry extract


The dry extract is nothing more than the much more concentrated form of the phytocomplex, or what is considered the active part of the plant used in the extraction process.

The titrated dry extract is characterized by ensuring a quantity of phytocomplex that is always particularly regular and well circumscribed.

In this way, there is the possibility of exploiting new methods of use, since the titrated dry extract allows you to enjoy the properties and beneficial effects of the plant that is used in the best possible way.

When the extracts comply with a long series of requirements (for example the conservation methodology, the exact harvesting period, the processing systems, a series of climatic elements, also the respect of the genetic components of the plant used) then they are called by the name of titrated extracts, since they are characterized by ensuring the active part of the plant, or what is more commonly called by the name of phytocomplex, which allows to carry out the pharmacological activities.

The titrated dry extracts undoubtedly represent a rather clear majority and can be obtained both by complete evaporation of the solvent, but also through a purification of all those components that are considered useless or bearer of secondary and collateral effects.

Preparation extract

his dry plant extracts are characterized by resembling powdered pharmaceutical forms, but which cannot, however, be considered as such.

In fact, the powders are obtained through a particular and well-defined operation of pulverizing the drug, without actually taking place extractions using the solvent.

The therapeutic action that is carried out, on the other hand, by the dry extract, is characterized by overcoming, in equal doses, the therapeutic activity of the powders.

The titrated dry plant extracts can be obtained through the complete evaporation of the solvent, which takes place at temperatures that are always kept below fifty degrees centigrade, so that no changes to the active ingredients can occur.

The titrated dry extracts are characterized by reaching the prescribed title through the use of inert substances that are as adequate as possible (often it is lactose, sucrose or dried starch) or by means of another dry extract that is obtained from the identical plant drug which was used for their realization.

Without a shadow of a doubt, standardization is characterized by being particularly important to guarantee the therapeutic efficacy of the active ingredients contained in the dry extract: it is a specific documentation, in constant percentage terms, of the active ingredients found within the 'dry extract, in such a way as to be usefully considered by the doctor who prescribes them.


The quality of the active ingredients found within the extract obviously varies in relation to the drying process.

In most cases, the titrated dry extracts are made into a powder.

The titration allows to establish with greater precision both the presence and, above all, the quantity, of a certain active ingredient within the phytocomplex, especially those that are considered indispensable for a therapeutic purpose.

The quantity of active principle must never be below the minimum established by the Pharmacopoeia: in the event that this happens, the titrated dry extract cannot fully express its beneficial effects and its therapeutic qualities.

By means of the operation that takes the name of titration, therefore, it is possible to make the product standard, in such a way that it is always identical: in this way the "trappings" of constancy and regularity will be respected, but above all the fact to be able to reproduce the medicinal effect.

We can certainly affirm that titration is essential to have a regular stardardization of the product.

Advantages of the dry extract

Without a shadow of a doubt, the titrated dry extracts can count on a greater degree of conservation and a better guarantee of therapeutic efficacy as far as the doctor who will prescribe is concerned.

Titration, in fact, ensures that the product has complied with the minimum levels of active ingredients established by the Pharmacopoeia during processing and preparation.

Titrated dry extract: prices

The titrated dry extracts are commercially available in the form of capsules.

Obviously, the price of the packs depends on the number of capsules present therein: it ranges from an average price between ten and twenty euros for a pack consisting of fifty titrated dry extract capsules.

In the event that the package contains a greater number of capsules, the price increases accordingly: for example, in the case of packages of sixty capsules, the cost of the product reaches up to more than thirty euros.

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